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Didcot demolition

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I thought all LED's worked on 12 volt and the supply to the transformer can be anything from 80v to 240v.

No, they do normal 'type' light bulbs now than are LED too and they just go into your normal lamps or light fitments.  They sell them in B&Q, Homebase etc etc. 


They give off better light than the dull dismal yellow depressing glow of standard energy saving bulbs but are more expensive which is why I'm not allowed to change all ours for them :(

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LED's, compact fluorescent lamps, either of which fade in to comparable performanc eof the good old incandescant light bulb which has been keeping us bright for a 100 years. I've got a garage shelf full of them !!


If you've got any light fittings which still take the old bayonet fitting lamps you can still buy them on line. Find a source and stipulate that they must be "heavy duty lamps" seems a way to get round the EU diktak's.

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I wont bother buying any then if they don't last very long as I thought they were still energy saving but gave off better light :(

All our light fittings take bayonet fitting lamp bulbs borris and I have bought some normal ones for a few but they are clear glass and are a bit harsh (I'm never satisfied eh :wink:)

I really miss the ones 'soft tone' slightly coloured ones that used to give a cosy glow too when they were put in table lamps etc.  I really hate the EU if it's their fault that my house never looks cosy or bright now.... bad light clearly stresses me out, I wonder if I have that SAD thing  :|  :lol:

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