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Thunder storms


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Some great photo's of the lightening storms in the UK today  but please god (or mother nature) can you spare us from any here in Warrington !!!  I'm begging on my knees............. well I will be when I've finished typing this or I wont be able to reach my keyboard if I do it now :(


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Well quite a disply early this morning. First "rumble " I heard was not so much a rumble as a very loud bang. for the next hour or so it looked as if there was somebody taking pictures with a massive flash gun just outside the window. sufficed to say i did not get up to srtare out of the window as it was about half three in the morning and i was so tired i just went back to sleep so do not know when it subsided.


my niece has been on the isle of wight for th elast two weeks. was due to come home sunday but it was so bad thursday night that the owner of the campsite allowed the campers there to shelter in the caravans. trees blown down, tents shredded and the like. first time my neice has said that has been frightened during a thunder storm in her life. that bad the ferry was full of people leaving on the friday. she was due to get the 6.30 ferry but at seven texted her mum to say that they were still sat in the car waiting, boiling hot, and unable to open the windows due to masses of flying ants. Ah the joys of camping.

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Crikey that sounds awful and what an end to a holiday.

As for our thunder last night that was one heck of a crack of thunder (just after 3am if my eyes read the clock right grrrr ).  I jumped right out of bed and raced downstairs to the dog and thankfully Mr Dizzy had already grabbed her as he was asleep on the settee.  She is absolutely petrified of thunder :(

It took two of us to hold her and still and stroke her to try to keep her calm and her harness was tethered to my arm so she couldn't run round or try and get away and squeeze or dig herself into the tiniest of gaps in the room :lol:  (I don't know why I'm laughing really as it wasn't funny at the time)  We had to give her 4 Xanax tablets too prescribed by the vet as we'd seen the weather forecast and to be given at least 1 hour before any storms... errm how do you know when that will be though ?

Anyway after a few hours she'd calmed down enough for me to go back to bed YIPPEE and the xanax is was having a possitive effect at 7am this morning as it's was really easy to put her eye drops in 8)

All that for a dog might sound a bit excessive but she had cataracts removed and false silicone lenses put in on Monday so she's not allowed to get stressed, run around or even jump on chairs etc in case she dislodges or damages them and she has a huge lampshade size buster collar on too.

If there are any more thunder storms to day then I quit this evil world... I need sleep :lol::cry::lol:

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Aww I'm sorry Wolfie I suppose I was a bit negative towards you there... I suppose I deserve a crack for that but not too hard please as I don't want to feel Thor for too long. 

At least you took it fairly well and didn't tell me to fork off :lol::oops::wink:

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