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Legal intercept


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The emergency law forcing internet and phone companies to keep records of all your calls, texts and emails was approved by MPs yesterday.


The law reinforces the ability of authorities to carry out what is known as a "legal intercept". This is when a target is identified for additional monitoring - including listening in to phone calls and other communications.


Strange, hasn't Andy Coulson just been imprisoned for something similar?  :unsure: 

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Wonder if they will keep all the spam I get in my folders for the three email addresses I have must amount to a few hundred meg of rubbish over the year.


add to that all those ppi,solar panel, free loft insulation, replacement boiler, accident claims and windows scammers phone calls I get in the average week.


Then factor in all the texts along similar lines plus the twenty or so that Mrs sid send me on the avergae day that i am away from the house for more than twenty minutes and you would have enough material to keep a few government bods employed sifting through it for a few months at least.


Multiply that the current "known" population and you could employ enough people to make unemployment nonexistant.


just athought though if you work for the people who are doing the monitoring and recieve all this data to sift through, does the person monitoring your info have to sift through it all as well as it is stuff you have recieved. (also what about the person monitoring the person who is monitoring the person doing the initial monitoring).


We could end up with the country at a standstill as we are all monitoring each others monitors etc.


think the heat is getting to me as that almost made sense. :mrgreen:

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The only records being kept for phones are of the numbers you've called or texted, when you called them, and the duration of the call - the same information which is used for billing - NOT any of the content.


Same with emails - who and when, not what was said.


This is to enable the police and security services to find out who else a person they are already investigating has been contacting on a regular basis and track down co-conspirators or prove a connection between suspects who might claim to have never heard of eachother.


Put it this way, if one of your loved ones was the victim of a murder or other serious crime wouldn't you want the police to be able to find out who their suspect was phoning immediately after the crime? Or if one of your kids was hooked on drugs wouldn't you want the police to be able to find out who their supplier had called on a regular basis in an attempt to catch the importers and big dealers who are making the real money? Or the crash for cash gangs, wouldn't it be a good idea to know if the guy in the car which slammed it's brakes on right in front of you was on the phone to the guys in the car behind you who all claim whiplash when they run into the back of you?


"Tapping" phone calls or emails to record the actual content will still require a court order.

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I don't have a problem with it either now Inky has explained how it works and the benefits. 

I just hope the info re our phone usage and numbers never gets back to my other half though as I always swear blind that it's not me running up the phone bill.  Good job it's not itemised and is paperless too as more often that not I just get to the phone as it stops ringing so I do 1471 followed by  '3' to ring the number back if I recognise the number as my sisters etc..... only to then remember half way through the chat that we don't get mobile phone calls for free from our land line EEK !!  Shhhhhhhh

PS Wolfie... what do you put in your PM's that you are worried about your new wife knowing about  :lol: 

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