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Bucket List

Geoffrey Settle

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Since yesterday we all have one less day left on this earth - what would you put on your bucket list?


I'd go for being able to Snowboard because my daughter has just entered a raffel where one is one of the prizes and I haven't been on the slopes for ages :mrgreen: and need a bit of excitement before my joints seise up.

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.... and you'd get on the front page news again too Geoff  :wink::lol: 

So what would be in my bucket ?  I've absolutely no idea so will sleep on it. 
In fact just to be on the safe side I've written "don't die in the night cos you have to think of something to put tomorrow" and I'll put it in my washing up bowl cos I haven't got a bucket handy. 8)  :D

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Buy a new bucket. (mine has a hole in it) :mrgreen:


I can rule out anything that is to do with flying or parachute jumping and the like as I have a morbid fear of depths.

I can rule out potholing and the like as I am slightly claustrophobic (am dreading being put in a coffin)

rock climbing and abseiling I have done in the past so that one is off the list.

Got a harley davidson motorbike so that is now off the list.

Tying elastic bands to my feet and jumping off a bridge is a no no so bungee jumping is definitely off the list.

Swim with dolphins, All i have to do is try and remember how to swim and I am in with a chance.

Watch a sunrise/sunset, do that most winter days whilst walking the dog.

Go on a cruise apart from the fact that I would probably get seasick walking onto the ship.


To be honest I have done probably ninety nine percent of the things I wanted to do in life and the rest are just fancy ways of getting a bit of excitement and after 35 years of marriage i do not need any more excitement in my life, not good for my heart problem.


In fact there is only one thing that I could put on my bucket list and that is to leave this world knowing that if i did not do much good then I did not do much harm either. Either that or go out in a massive explosion that completely destroys my body thus saving the cost of a funeral. :twisted:

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I was very lucky and managed to complete my bucket list last year. In january, I created a new list which includesn travelling:


1. Go to Canada (Don't mind where).

2. Go to Alaska and California.

3. Go to Australia.

4. Go to China.


I would also like to see the Northern Lights again.

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Being the rebel I am; I have added a couple of new items to my bucket list.... things that most people would never do


1. Drive at 20mph in a 20 zone


2. Ride a bike on a designated bike lane


3. get into the right lane outside Mr Smiths to travel down Wilderspool Causeway


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