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Just think of the extra money....


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With Omega becoming a warehouse paradise and homes now being planned for the development and now the council approving the increase from 152 to 193 new homes on Chapelford by allowing 3 storey apartment blcoks instead of the planned two storey ones. (http://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/articles/18092/1/Residents-lose-fight-over-apartments/Page1.html)


does this mean that the Council will allow any proposed development as long as it brings in extra council tax revenue for very little additional outlay or service provision on their part?



Seems like it to me!


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Can I ask why is this wrong?


Putting more homes onto a  site is a good thing is it not? We should be encouraging the building of multi story apartments in this country because of the housing shortages.


Wrong on many levels; but primarily it is wrong for a developer to apply for permission to change the type and quantities of buildings/accommodation on a site which has already been agreed just to make extra money. The Council then see this as a golden opportunity to scavenge extra council tax but then have absolutely no cares about the additional traffic that will be generated from such moves....


The Councillors in this town have toddled blindly along for years since Peel holdings announced their plans for the Ship Canal and since the second Mersey crossing was announced as a toll bridge.... add all that into the mix along with extra houses and factories built without any discernible improvement or addition to the roads infrastructure and it is a complete recipe for disaster.... only recently has the Lib Dum leader actually gone public with his fears (but very few will take him seriously anyway)....


When agreement is reached, they should stick to the plans they originally sold the town; high quality units, no houses, very few warehouses..... what have we got so far? 5 massive warehouses and the promise of 1100 homes with the potential for 2000 cars and large volumes of trucks; that when the motorways are full, will happily trundle through the town to reach the other side of the motorway network....


If Geoff and his cronies are thinking restrictions, why not put a weight restriction on the roads on this side of the M62 so trucks cannot decide to use the town as a rat run?

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