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Donald Sutherland and Pride and Prejudice

Geoff Settle

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I first saw D.S. on The Avengers -- where he's an evil machine operator - just a henchman throwing switches -- an episode with Charlotte Rampling and an all star cast on an island estate where one by one the guests are terminated. I don't think his name was in the credits - and I've never seen or heard him linked to that series but I'm sure it was him.


Of course he created the role of Hawkeye Pierce in the movie M.A.S.H. We saw his bum in the flim ANIMAL HOUSE, playing a small college professor who finds the dark side more (?) interesting.


Very creepy as a Nazi Irishman in The Eagle Has Landed.


Was sorry his role was so small in The Italian Job.


Another good Canadian born fellow from the (?) Maritimes?


Locally, he appears on gourmet dining TV shows in Los Angeles and knows his beans.


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Just back from watching this movie.

Very impressed.

Judy Dench as lady Cather De Burgh was as one would expect fantastic.

I think Brenda Bleython made a much better Mrs Bennet.

As for Mcfayden who played Mr Darcy there was more than one or two ohhhss from the mainly female audience.

The lines as Austin wrote them were amusing.

What I enjoyed most was the footage of the Peak district.


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