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Eyes and Ears wanted - cars for sale


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OK... before I loose the will to live completely as I'm sick to death of looking on car sales sites and driving round garages dealing with stupd salesmen who seem to think I'm thick or an easy gullible target cos I'm a 'girlie' etc.....


..........and I'm also fed having gone to look at cars and getting there for them to say  ' sorry its just been sold but we have this one '.. which is twice the price..... do they do that on purpose just to get you there ?  So......


If any of you know anyone who is selling, or thinking of selling, a reasonably priced small reliable car suitable for a 19 year old who has just passed his test can you let me know please. 


Also if you happen to spot any when you are out and about in Warrington with private for sale signs stuck on them can you grab the phone number etc.


Has to be a small car with low insurance group such as VW Polo, Corsa, Cleo, Punto, Citroen C2 (is it a C2...cant remember now) and nothing bigger than a 1.2 engine for insurance.


Thanks :)

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I think we will give yours a miss thanks Bill :wink:


Artie....  Insurance is a complete nightmare not only on price but also the differences in price from company to company is unbelievable.


We spent days getting quotes for a 1.2 E polo (very low insurance group), 2002 reg so nothing new and not worth a lot.


Swintons so called specialised 'young driver policy' quote over the phone was just over £8000  !!  Where on earth they came up with that from is beyond me.


Other 'young driver' insurance with boxes in the car which monitor your driving and restrictions on not being on the road after 11pm etc etc came in at around £2500

My insurance company (More Than) won't insure him on any car at all....


Just for the hell of it I rang LV (other halfs company) and they were the cheapest by far at £1742 for a normal fully comp policy, no restrictions, nothing..... which considering he only passed his test a few weeks ago isn't bad compared to all the others and for an extra £40 they would put me and Mr Dizzy on as named drivers too.


It it a lot of money but youngsters have to start somewhere I suppose...... all we need now is to find a damn car !!

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