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doing a bit of research  ive read on A Brief History of Woolston that manchster rd was a one time a turnpike rd does any one have any info on it a mate of mine tells me on the deeds of is house it has manchster rd has turnpike rd ,  thisis what I got of a web page  .By the seventeenth century a high road between Warrington and Manchester existed, one of the four roads shown in Ogilby’s Britannia of 1675. Early in the eighteenth century this became a turnpike road any help thanks in advance.

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Yes like you say Manchester Road was definitely a 'turnpike' Keith as were most of the more main road routes at one time.  


It was the Warrington to Irlam turnpike road and was 7 miles and 5 furlongs long.   It was turnpiked in 1753 and if you fancy a long walk there's a milestone on it somewhere dating from the early 1800's  :wink:


The whole of the route of Manchester Road as we know it today has hardly changed at all if you compare it against the old Title Maps. 


How old's your mates house ?

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I got one and they had about 6 more left.  Maybe they keep re-stocking.


They are upstairs in the far right hand corner (or left depending which way you are facing). 


Only small maps though and each one covers the 3 areas as a whole.  A bit hard to see the detail but good to compare the 4 different years in one source. 


Scanned in sections it will be easier :wink:

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Your map of turnpike roads Dizzy is very interesting but, even with ny glasses on, I can't see the little bit that interests me. Is there anything there to confirm that the rockcutting is called "Turnpike leap"? Or am I clutching at straws?


Here's a zoom RC but in answer to your question I'd say 'No'.     Click on map and it will enlarge


I googled more info on the Warrington Turnpike roads and this is the only info I've found so far and seems to tie in with the map ie they are the MAIN road routes.


...in the same year, 1725, the A.49 Wigan to Preston was turnpiked, including the alternative route via Chorley (A5106 and A6) followed by the A49 Warrington - Wigan.


1727 Warrington through Wigan to Preston turnpike (google books)


1751 and Manchester-Warrington (A57) in 1753, the Liverpool-Prescot Turnpike was also extended to Warrington in that year.


Lymm Dam was formed in 1824 with the creation of a turnpike road from Warrington to Stockport (WBC website)


In 1821 the Warrington and Stockport Turnpike Trust was granted the right to charge tolls on what is the present day A56 (WBC website)



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