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As our education ranking has dropped out of the top 20 for the first time, Michael Gove the education minister has brought out a book and demanded that every teacher read it.


The book is available on Amazon.




Of the pages that are available it promises to be a great read.

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It would seem that South Korea, et al, have shown that all work and no play does not make Jack a dull boy.


Well, I suppose it depends how one defines dull - from the article in the link above:


One of the few areas where UK children are above average is in being happy at school. Those world-class Koreans are bottom of that league table, and the Estonians and the Poles aren't far above. Gove will probably announce a national drive to raise misery standards in schools

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A bit of each I would think, there's a time and place for everything, like lessons and playtimes.


It's really important to me to know that my son's happy at school, luckily he is, and he's doing well academically.


Sadly, some people appear to prefer the Gradgrindian approach to learning, Gove being one of them.

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That's the down side to these competitive and highly stressfull forms of education; believe suicide rates are higher. However, we appear to be at the other extreme, where schools are merely glorified child minders, with limited hours. imo the whole point of education, is to maximise the potential of every individual in the interest of the whole; our future depends on a highly educated and inventive workforce; inculcated with career ambition and work ethic; so that they won't be spending their futures in bed, dreaming of winning the X-factor.

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...where schools are merely glorified child minders...


Well, that's what some people want them to be.


....inventive workforce...


Not much creativity engendered in the Korean model apparently, too regimented.


Don't really disagree with anything you're saying there, obs.


Btw, did you see that Educating Yorkshire series that was on a while back? The head's ethos chimes pretty much with your own.

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Sorry I didn't, now you've mentioned it.  The problem, as with other areas like the NHS, has been "political" interference by successive Governments; with short term electioneering in mind, rather than the long term prospects of our Nation. I fear, that their dabbling has cost us at least one, if not two, generations; in what is now an overtly competitive world; where we must stay ahead of the curve to survive.

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