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Bad weather driving


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Far be it for me to tell others how to drive but after what I saw yesterday I think this is worth saying.


On a relatively short motorway journey to Blackburn and Bolton in the poor weather, the number of accidents involving multiple vehicles was totally unbelievable. May be it was the wrong sort of rain or people just not making allowances for the conditions but the results were all too plain to see.


Take care out there it’s dangerous.


 Bill :)


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I love tailgaters, if it happens to me in a 30mph area as Baz said, I brake reduce my speed to and hold it there until they back off, if they don't then we all travel at 25mph. I have found you worst for tailgating are young females usually driving small hatchbacks.

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Young girls in tiny cars are also usually the ones doing 100+ in the outside of the motorway when it's raining.... I had one trying flash me out of the way on the M5 last week.... surprising how quickly she backed off when the brake lights of the huge silver car with a tow bar in front of her suddenly came on :) :smile:

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