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harry hayes

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Anyone in Warrington  do it?  Have a few to do rather than a one off.    Most towns seem to have a shop, but can't find one locally.  They are a bit bulky in the post.


Some of them were transfers from 8mm cine, done by dear old Eric Pep.  I could buy a machine (or kit) and DIY but prefer to have them done by someone with expertise.


Happy days

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Irwin Video Productions Limited, Company Reg No. 5844371
Unit 16 Golborne Enterprise Park, Warrington, Cheshire, WA3 3DR,


White Tree Films

2 Radlett Close
Penketh Warrington Cheshire WA5 2NY 


Teddington VHS to DVD

Address: 20, Teddington Close
Postcode: WA4 5QG
City/Town: Appleton, Warrington (Cheshire)
Main phone: 07792 459657

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Oooh I just remembered what I bought last year on a whim... thanks for the reminder Harry as having just dug it out of my 'filing' cabinet I've not even opened the seal on it yet  :oops:


It's a USB video grabber and having just looked at the box it seems you just load the software on your pc and then plug one end of cable/connectors into your video recorder/player or camcorder and the other into the usb on a pc.


If after making enquiries at the places Wolfie has mentioned it turns out to be a costly if you have a lot and/or you fancy having a go yourself you are more than welcome to borrow the thing I bought and you can even break the seal on it and do mine for me too :):lol:

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