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Photos - Autumn - @ Rixton Claypits

Geoffrey Settle

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Following Saturday's Autumn WNCF meeting Ste Dodd went out and about with his camera and captured the following photos - see more on the link below - to the WNCF Facebook site and see attached PDF map of the SSSI site.
















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Thank you for your comments,sometimes we cant see the wood for the trees,something i was guilty of myself of 12 months ago.the more i look the more i see, Warrington is blessed with some fantastic wildlife sites and people who care about them.its a joy to mooch about with my camera.a big thank you to George Pilkington for being the official dragonfly perch for the afternoon  :lol: 

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No idea why  I missed this topic as it wasn't showing as new to me  :oops:  


Superb photo's Ste Dodd.


I must admit that if a dragon fly had landed on my head though you wouldn't have been quick enough to take a photo of it  :oops:  :lol:


One kept landing on my washing line the other week and I did manage to take some pics (eventually) but after seeing the quality of yours I don't think I will be uploading mine for a while now :) It has the same 'smile' though that was only visible when I zoomed in.  Cute things really.


I googled at the time and I never knew that the dark spots on their wings were little weights to enable them to fly faster and that all four wings 'fly' independently.  Clever.


You and Geoff probably know that anyway but here's what I watched  (bit slow at the start) but I found it really interesting and maybe next time I see one I wont freak out quite as much as it flutters around :oops:


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