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Astle Steam Fair 2.


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:lol:  :lol:
What's the 5th one Algy (says S 917 on the side).  It has a sort of rugged military look to it compared to all the others and much smaller wheels as if it needed to be a little more 'agile'. 
(Ok so probably a stupid question and an equally stupid comment but you know me.. I have to ask regardless :lol:  )

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Dizz, if I remember correctly, painted on the side was "WAR DEPT. ROADS", a Foden steam wagon produced for the army probably the 'Royal Pioneer Corps'.


Flo, as I said in an earlier post to Dizz, it's down to the Leica lens, I just press the shutter button!, trust you to spot the two birds 'at it'. :D:wink:

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Thanks Algy :)


PS I can't see the birds :lol: 


Dizz, watching pigeons mate is not a healthy pastime, anyway you really need binoculars to see them.


PS. I'm getting worried about Florence she is developing some disturbing hobbies!. :D:wink:



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