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where have all the magpies gone


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Up to A couple years ago here in orford there seemed to be lots of magpies, they seemed to have disappeared. now we seem to have loads of pigeons and yesterday on the roof there must have been 20 seagulls


so where have the magpies gone and where do seagulls come and go to?

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Well the ones near me have been busy raiding the rubbish bins on sankey valley again. litter strewn everywhere this morning and two still sat on the edge of the bin pulling more out. Now if there was a way to train them to put litter in the bins then just think how tidy the area would be.


May sound strange but magpies have a regional accent,apparently they will attack any other magpie that is not from the same area and can tell by the noise they make. Only know this as a mate of mine used to trap them in his garden and used them as bait in larsen traps to trap other magpies that were a nuisance at the pheasant shoot he was a member of.

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