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Steven Gerrard has extended his current Premier League Winner indemnity agreement with Liverpool for another 2 years, the club have announced.

The midfielder negotiated an extension to his existing indemnity with the Merseyside outfit which effectively preserves his elbows from the undue stress associated with the repeated hoisting of consequential silverware above one's head.

The Huyton born Gerrard told the clubs website, 'Its a great relief to have finally put the nail in the coffin of any chance I had of lifting anything other than a tin pot trophy above my head in the near future.'

'To have underachieved with my boyhood club for some many years, fills me with a great sense of pride, and a gnawing stupidity, at wasting my talents with one of the nations fallen giants.'

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....he went on to say "I did think of leaving a few years ago but when the die-hard Poo fans threatened my life and that of my kids hamster; I thought it wise not to antagonise things further...... I only wish I was born in Stretford and then things would have been so much easier and so more fruitful.


I mean come on....Phil Neville has more medals than me; and a better looking bird on his arm"

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Steven Gerrard is the greatest player to play in the Premier League and not win the Premier League title!

But he has lifted One Champions League title and been a runner up in it.

Lifted the UEFA Cup,Two FA Cups and Three League Cups and a few tin pots as well!

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