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Gaz Carvell


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I shouldn't think Mr Smith would agree to players leaving unless he had alternatives lined up. I think we should trust Mr Smith's judgement in these matters...He has always played his cards close to his chest unlike the fake sheikh at Salford....He opens his trap far too often and with each passing press statement makes himself look even more idiotic than the one before.

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Both have provided sterling service to the Wire and who can blame either of them for wanting to secure a last payday for themselves ? They are at the fag end of their careers along with several others and the coach must have an idea of what he wants in the next couple of seasons..Let's hope the Wire can make a seamless transfer to the next generation to bring honours to the club. We've got the best coach in the game and also the best owner in Simon Moran who isn't in the media nearly every day making a complete tool of himself, unlike some I could mention.

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Morley now confirmed that he's joining Salford.......

Got that one right!!

I have heard new deals been agreed with several players now - just awaiting confirmation on the Monaghan brothers and Briers before making a big announcement on who is staying and going and who the new signings are.

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