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What a load of Balls !


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Ed Balls is setting out Labour's strategy for getting the Country out of the austerity doldrums. So what gem has he come up with? To deny Winter fuel payments to the rich, which will save a miniscule amount of money and introduce means testing, which will cost more to administer. IF he wants to increase Gov revenue, all he has to do is increase super-tax, getting the same folk to pay more in tax than they are receiving in benefits - sorted.

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The point Baz is, that in a recession, there's not a lot they can do for us anyway. The choice is between taxing or borrowing yet more to stimulate growth or cutting public spending to levels we can afford, whilst paying off the national debt and running a balanced budget. One thing is clear, there is plenty of money swilling around the system that's just not being taxed, and we have a wealth gap in this age of austerity, wider than it's been since WW1. Rather than address such fundementals, we have a Gov spending time debating Gay marriage - talk about fiddling while Rome burns.

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