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Child Care?


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Seems there is now a debate about child care costs and standards of provision. But does anyone remember when we had nursery schools attached to Infant Schools, which were free at the point of use - wouldn't that solve the problem. And could it be funded by re-directing child allowance into it?

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In order: Yes, Probably, What and deprive mum of her beer money. :mrgreen:


Yes I do remember as Bewsey school had one attached to the infants at the side near the canteen.

It could probably solve the problem providing that you could get the correctly vetted staff to run such and establishment to current health and safety standards.

It could well be funded by child allowance but those who have no job and rely on benefits and child allowance to make ends meet would be the ones to suffer in that event.

Ah you may say or not a the case may be, those who are on benefits do not need childcare as they are at home all day so it would not make a difference to them. However the gov has decided that all must work no matter what your particular circumstances and if you have to look after your child all day you cannot be looking for work so would lose any benefit that you were claiming.


The question That springs to mind was how were they paid for in the originally?

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I went to the Bewsey School nursery (I first met my business partner there!!) but we were 4 years old. Many of the mums now want nursery care from 12 or 18 months old and that is a big big difference in the amount of care required....


I remember at Bewsey, you had your lunch, had a play and were then put down to sleep on rows of camp beds and only woken up when it was time to go home!!!

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