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World War 2 Defences in Warrington

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I know from personal memories of several tank traps/machine gun bunkers and anti aircraft emplacements(particularly in the vicinity of The Manchester Ship Canal bridges and locks) as I played on many into the 1950's.

But try as I may I can find no photos anywhere.

Can anybody help me or point me in the right direction please...

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

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You can still see the concrete barges on the cut off the Ship Canal near Lymm Golf Club on Google Earth. I believe there was a plan to sink them and block the canal in the event of an invasion.

Wow..I never even knew of their existence or location but I am sure the MSC and Government were expecting the worst, and machine gun bunkers on Knutsford Rd bridge must have totally petrified the locals  :unsure:

And we think we have problems these days ?

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where exactly please.....

Here you are LL, save you waiting for a reply -





And a site for Concrete Barges in the old Mersey river loop at Statham near Lymm. It's extremely unlikely that sinking the barges in the canal would have caused the closure of the canal in the event of an invasion as the barges are about 7 ft in depth whereas the canal is 28ft deep, it's more likely that they were dumped there after being surplus to requirements, as they were in the old river behind Greenalls at Wilderspool.







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Hi freeborn john, I can only add a couple of old ww2 defence sites that I know of, large concrete pill boxes one at either end of the canter lever high level bridge that spanned the Manchester ship canal, and a searchlight battery and barrage balloon

located at radon court Knutsford rd. latchford.

Sorry I have no info re down Penketh way.

cheers David.A

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Hi ALGY, not sure if you can confirm for me, as a kid mum used to take me over the Canter leaver bridge

Latchford, she showed me a place on the arch part of the bridge, east side/ ackers pits side where the fin of

a German bomb chipped a piece out of the steel, is my memory correct.

Cheers, David A 


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