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Prison Care ?


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Could provide an option to elderly folk being charged the bedroom tax - don't pay and get sent to prison and pay no rent at all !

. No more shipping the old folks off to some tatty old people’s home where they will have to pay £1000 a week and fight with other residents over what to watch on telly. In jail, they would have a little room for visitors, a TV, paid for by the government, heating paid for, their laundry done on a regular basis and wardens checking on them every hour or so, to make sure they were not at risk of suicide, ill or in need of medication.

This way, they would have a warm room with their own personal space and toilet, three square meals a day – as in a good, healthy breakfast, a tasty two-course lunch and a hearty evening meal, not to mention exercise several times a day.

If they were to fall over anywhere in the jail, there would be someone on hand to help them back on to their feet and make sure they weren't hurt.

All for no cost – exactly what old people deserve.

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