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Everton's kit


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Chez Suarez Menu


Peter Odem Chicken Wingies £3.95
Alex Oxtail Chamberlain £3.95
Leighton Bains On Toast £3.95
Julio Cesar Salad £3.95
Prawn Maloney £3.95

Main Courses:

Pepper-Rooney Pizza £9.95
Benteke Fried Chicken £9.95
Andy Casserole £29.95
Shaun Wright Fillets £9.95
Dion Dumplin £9.95
Ham Saladyce £9.95

Sides Dishes:

Robbie Cabbage £1.25
Nani Bread £1.95
Demba Ba Ba Ba Ba Babybell £0.95
Ashley Coleslaw £0.95


Knickeragbonlahory £4.50
John Cherry £3.50
Sylvain Ebanks-Cake £3.50


Gareth Ale £2.95

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In the good old days before t'war when football were a proper working class  game played by  proper working class blokes this wouldn't have happened.


Most wore false teeth and couldn't have got a good bite in (and those that had their own teeth couldn't have been bothered to take their pipe out of their mouth).


I blame t' welfare state and fluoride toothpaste.




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