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  1. or it could be that the leavers were fed up with having to follow every EU edict to the letter whilst the french just say NON and blockade the ports.
  2. look after it davy that sort of retro furniture is on the up at present and could be worth twice what you paid for it at the time. You only have to watch money for nothing to see that. Ercol chairs rescued from the skip with a coat of cheap paint added on and then sold for silly prices.
  3. well amazon are currently recruiting 1200 to work in their new centre at omega so there must be some job growth. When those toll bridges kick in you will be lucky to get across the road in 47 minutes let alone to work, Add to all that the plans for the new houses and all the traffic and such that will bring to the TOWN and the stress levels in Warrington will make London seem like a beach in Barbados by comparison.
  4. It may well have been the co-op furnishing shop there dizz. The co-op in warrington had three places in town. the main store in sankey street that sold ladies clothing and food. a small shop down the side of that that was the gentlemen's outfitters, off the peg or made to measure suits. and the furnitures and carpets which i am sure is the one you mean in bridge street. think the one in sankey street also had a separate office attached where you went to get your "divi" totted up and paid out. Ooh that brings back memories that does.My first school uniform bought at the co-op gents outfitters, well the blazer anyway. my first suit of sorts,Dark blue velvet coat with mid blue trousers and a pair of four inch platform shoes.Only got the shoes as my girlfriend of the time said they made me look good. what they made me look was six foot four, she was five foot even.talk about little and large. Think the shoes lasted about a week and three twisted ankles.(the girlfriend about another four weeks.) Cannot remember there being a furniture shop on the packet house side though and it was somewhere i passed on a daily basis on my way to school, but then at that age homework and finding excuses not to do PE was uppermost on my mind at that time.
  5. When it comes to one's children then emotion trumps rational thought every time. Just look at the search that went on for the victims of the moors murderers and the investigation is still open in the hope that the last of them will be found. Look at the number of little "cherubs" who are "innocently" charged with various crimes but are vouched for by mothers as being so good that sainthood is just a matter of the paperwork being signed. Even if it is a million to one chance that the treatment will work then people will want that treatment. It is a natural reaction to fight for the life of ones offspring, all animals will defend their young. Rational thought would say if a house is on fire and there is nobody inside then let it just burn rather than waste money and resources putting it out.It is only property and can be rebuilt so why risk the lives of firemen to extinguish the blaze. it will burn itself out eventually.
  6. According to the Wen the eternally surprised the universe ends and is recreated constantly, which is why he was called the eternally surprised since he maintained that everything he saw he saw for the first time. "The past is but a memory and memory is in the head so was yesterday real or is it just the memory that is real" is one of his first teachings to his apprentice Clodpool, scientist will tell you that it is down to entropy. If you can work out the rate of entropy then you can get a reasonable estimation of when the universe will end, give or take a few billion centuries. For a realistic idea of the end of the universe, For each individual it will be the day that their life functions cease. at that time for that individual the universe will have ended. For those of the religious persuasion then that depends on their particular deities teachings. So if you want to know it will end on a wet Wednesday in august at around 3.38 pm local time. it is just the year that is in doubt.
  7. I'll nip round later with a hammer and a stake and see
  8. sadly Geoff even if they were caught in the act they would not even get a slap on the wrist or even a stern talking to. and if they did their mothers would no doubt take to social media going on about the way their little cherubs who have never even crossed the road without obeying all the rules were being persecuted and any way it wasn't them it was the others they were with who did it. Perhaps it is time the judicial system started to get a bit tougher with these totally innocent little Herberts. Fine them by all means but then immediately go to their homes and seize goods to the value of the fine and also to cover the costs of the damage plus court costs. another alternative would be to make them attend an eight hour a day ten week course during the school holidays where they are sat in a room and forced to watch endless repeats of a welsh eisteddfod without subtitles. after which they had to write a hundred page report on the merits of choirs over harp recitals. unfortunately this would probably come under cruel and unusual punishment. Cruel, yes Unusual certainly. Punishment definitely, unless you are into eisteddfod's
  9. How dare you dis the doctor, as we speak thousands of loyal fans will be reaching for their genuine initiation sonic screwdrivers to seek retribution for this sacrilege. Not only will you be harangued in the streets in the future but you will be harangued in the streets from the day you were born.in an endless loop of time inhabited by disgruntled devotees of the doctor. Compared to the likes of BGT, big brother,love island and the voice it is as good as any play written by Bill Lance-Waver. Like any TV show it is for entertainment and not to be taken that seriously, at least it has not yet sparked political debate in parliament unlike some other entertainment shows.
  10. Oh all the time. Usually along the lines of how do vampires shave if they can't see their reflection in a mirror or the invisible man must always be naked if you can't see him. (sory dizz if it starts you off again). One that always intrigues me is what is the speed of dark, it must be faster than 186.282 miles per second because it always gets there before light does. odd are the thoughts that occur at two in the morning.
  11. Sounds like most of the political debates i have ever listened to.
  12. Can't say have ever heard of it but from the description would be around the Ince area which is approx 2 miles from Wigan heading towards Warrington. Sounds like it could be a pool where marsh gas accumulated and there are several pools in that area although none that are close to the old road.
  13. Given the CGI technology, voice controlled devices, self driving cars, pilotless aircraft and augmented reality phones, i sometimes wonder if I am real or not. seeing is no longer believing.
  14. Think you hit the mark on why when you said "traditionally do". That is what they are trying to change peoples thinking on, that certain work either about the house or otherwise is gender specific. Cannot as yet think of one instance that is gender specific at the moment.( or even trans-gender specific which opens up a whole new can of worms) As for the bionic women the reason it flopped was that the film industry did not take into account the fact that they should not have gone for a "traditional" approach of a woman cannot do a man's job as good as a man. The problem with the PC brigade is that they tend to over react to a situation, one complaint and they call for an outright ban on whatever caused the complaint.All to do with that first word "political", as soon as you put political into any argument people are of the opinion that is something that the government sanctions and must be obeyed to the letter. Hmm wonder if that would work with "political" assassination..........
  15. It is an attempt by photobucket to stop small businesses using their "free" photosharing device to post images on sites like ebay and amazon. Unfortunately it means that you can no longer use their photo's to share on a website without paying for it. You can send a link to the pic to people but cannot put it on a website unless you upload it to that website directly. Any way it was only a pic of some dig at women drivers. at least that what it seemed to be when i checked it using the firefox picture info.