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Dueling Banjo's from "Deliverance"


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Love to hear 'Good' banjo playing, my favourite is the sequence from the movie "Deliverance" where the albino Hill Billy boy and Drew play the banjo and guitar melody, Dueling banjos (originally Feudin' banjos), the banjos were actually played by  Eric Weissberg & Steve Mandell.


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Reminds me of some that get to Grumpy Old Men's Club on a Sunday


Next time Algy starts jumping  erratically from one foot to the other and hitting his thighs when the music comes on at the GOMP cam you video and upload it please Pengy   :lol:  

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......sorry Algy but for some strange reason I can imagine you doing that :lol:


Great clip and one of my all time favourites  although I have never actually seen the full film. 


Me and my dad used to play that on our guitars but we never got anywhere close to the last bit. 


Might be what inspired him to buy a a few years back too...... that he still can't play  :lol:   

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I've never heard of 'Mean Mary' Algy but very good and how come these people all make it look so damn easy.


My son showed me this one  after I showed him yours earlier  (so to speak :lol: ).  The young banjo playing brother in the middle was 9 years old and the others don't look much older.  What a talented bunch of brothers (or Smart Ccleos favourite word>'s) :)


PS there's another one on Youtube of theirs where they look even younger and are playing Dueling Banjos


DAD TAKE NOTE ... 9 yeas old... :P


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A pair of faded old dungerees, legs rolled up six inches, a tattered old straw hat, no shoes and socks on and Algy would be a humdinger of a hillbilly. I can visualize him now - jar of moonshine optional extra. :wink:

i will have you know that mylegs don't roll up at all Forence, I tried it last night and it was extremely painful  (rolling my legs up, I mean!) and the moonshine is not optional, it's mandatory. Anyway Flo' I thought you would have been into banjo melodies being tuned into country music.hillbilly-1.gif



Dizz, those youngsters were brilliant!, wink.gif

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