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Budget Consultation did you take part?

Geoffrey Settle

Budget Consultation 2013 - 14  

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  1. 1. Did you take part in the 2013 -14 Consultation?

    • Yes
    • What consultation?
    • No - couldn't be bothered
    • No - I started but didn't finish it

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Given the consultation details were mentioned on Warrington Worldwide - did anyone on here take part in the consultation?




I have added a fourth option by request of posters.


Here is a direct link to the WBC web site - it's simply a PDF file that you print off and write on


http://www.warrington.gov.uk/info/200355/budget_and_spending/858/council_budget_2013-14 and send it in or drop it off at New Town House or Customer Contact Centre


- or you can enter your comments on an email to  budgetconsultation@warrington.gov.uk

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I tried to complete it online too (as part of it was about the bins and also reducing grass cutting and other services etc etc) but like Eagle and Asp have already mentioned it crashed on me too.  I tried a second time and the same happened so I gave up and didn't bother trying again. :oops:

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Sorry Geoff I was getting myself totally confused there. Yes it was the actual bin survey that crashed twice on me. I did look at the other one though as that was on the news page a while back although I did find the councils PDF rather vague (should have read the full version and other links too I guess) and if memory serves me right on the peoples PDF info sheet there was just a blank box to fill your comments in on. I just clicked on your links for the main Budget Survey etc again and although they take me to the councils website but I can't download and open the survey pdf now as it's being very slow. Might be just my PC or maybe lots of people are now looking at it. I'll try again later as no point in moaning about things later if you don't bother to actually give your views at the time eh :wink:

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It's ok Geoff it seems to be working for me now.


But it says the closing date for people's responses/comments [ 2012 - 2013 budget consultation] was Friday 11th Jan though (ie 2 days ago).  Oops


Not to be confused with the Fortnightly Bin Consultation Survey which IS still running.... yeah my brain is back in gear again now... I think :wink:

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