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Small road side Grappenhall Restoration Project

Geoffrey Settle

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I've was asked by Cllr Mike Biggins last week if I knew of anyone who could restore a road side sign on Knutsford Rd, Grappenhall opposite the Springbrook Pub.


I've found someone who might be able to repaint the destinations and milage on it but it's very old and rusted.


There are lots of posters on here who are into history especially INDY but do any of you know what it takes to restore such an object, do we have any keen amateurs.


Two more photos to follow below.


I imagine that it would look really good once it is restored if that is at all possible.


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Geoff I mentioned this to Mike about eighteen months ago, however his Mayoral duties must have put it on the back burner, its of cast iron construction and as can be seen, suffering badly from oxidization, I agree with Indy regarding stabilisation prior to removing the rust scale, the sign used to be white with the letters picked out in black, I think the left side gave the distance to Knutsford and the right side may have been Frodsham.

Road signs were almost always white with black letters whereas canal signs were black with white letters.


Geoff ask Mike about the old finger post that I discovered that is half buried in the field at the side of Stockport road and opposite the Sprimgbrook, I believe he obtained permission from the land owner to remove it, but it is still there. The CCC. crest can clearly be seen.


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I was at a Family / Local History event in Preston last year where i was talking to a guy from the Milestone Society see http://www.milestonesociety.co.uk/index.html they have extensive guidlines regarding conservation and renovation of milestones, see http://www.milestonesociety.co.uk/Downloads/Guidance%20Note%20on%20metal%20mileposts%20v3.1.pdf


Just a thought though, the milestone in question may be listed as are the cast iron ones in Lymm and Stockport Road Thelwall see http://www.britishlistedbuildings.co.uk/england/warrington/grappenhall+and+thelwall and as such might need specialist restoration. Good Luck !!


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Inland Waterways have a lot of these very old metal signs at the sides of canals and rivers, and they are regularly restored and painted. Contacting either the Inland Waterways Association or even better, the new Canal and River Trust (both have websites) may prove worthwhile for advice

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