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First it was Bradford ..Now it's Salford

Latchford Locks

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The RFL can not keep on bailing out clubs it is financially impossible.

It is heartbreaking to see our heartland teams in such strife but it's a sign of the times.

Maybe another mid season competition like we used to have ie Regal Trophy or County Cups etc etc would add a little income it certainly worked in the past.

Now it's the CC or bust as Old Trafford is a target for a very select few year after year

Read more: http://onerugbyleague.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=rugby&action=display&thread=21543#ixzz2EnW4sm1o


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Manchester City Council coudn't care less whether Salford sink or swim and why should they ? I can see Sale RUFC being the main tenant in that stadium very shortly...They have the cash and also a larger supporter base. I read somewhere yesterday(can't remember where) that London Broncos intend to be the biggest club in Superleague...How they intend to do this with a core of around 1500 die-hard supporters isn't explained. I can only suspect that the delusional management have been indulging in illegal substances.


Here it is.... http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/rugby-league/20683441

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All this talk of clubs going to the wall.. and yet we have the powers that be(plus a good few coaches/chairmen/players "union"spokesmen)say there are too many games and players(full time players these days)are facing burn out. RUBBISH ! Less games = less revenue .... it's a no brainer. We are now full time whereas in the past we were part time and played many many more games I remember Easter at Wilderspool was Widnes on Good Friday then Wigan Easter Saturday followed by Leigh on Easter Monday ! Mid season had normal league matches on Saturdays PLUS County Cup and Regal Trophy and BBC 2 floodlit game during the week. Come on Red Hall..Wake up and smell the coffee before more teams go to the wall :idea:


And lets not forget The County Championship games and The tour matches(my personal favourites) against the Kiwis and the Aussies.

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What a mistake I made...First blaming Manchester Council then Salford Council in turning down(rightly) a loan to Salford City Reds...I've found out since that Peel Holdings own the stadium in which case Salford are doomed..These people own half of the north west and are totally ruthless...They would euthanise their own grannies of they thought they could turn a profit by doing so...I've had limited dealings with them by virtue of once owning a narrowboat on the Bridgewater Canal which they own...When they send out letters they are worded in such a manner which would do credit to the Mafia...short of leaving a horses head in my bed I couldn't have felt more threatened so it's bye bye Salford.

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It now appears that they have cancelled their friendly game with Leigh saying they couldn't raise a team.That is unacceptable they should be more honest and upfront with their remaining fans.

There is certainly not the surge of support that Bradford got earlier this year it would seem hardly anyone  is interested in the developing crisis that is ravaging the club.

It really seems very bleak at the moment

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