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Bewsey Primary School


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I am reliably informed that they have knocked down the infants side of Bewsey Primary school up to the old headmasters office in the centre... no photos yet but I will go and try and get some tomorrow!


Another old building bites the dust and one very dear to my heart.... :evil: :evil:

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At least it's wasn't just coming upto it's 100th birthday like our stunning old school was when they knocked it down.


My other half just told me he went to Bewsey Primary. He started there when he was about 8 (1970 ish) after moving from Bruche Primary which wasn't very good.

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Went to the infants from the age of five, passed into the juniors then on to grammar school.


Still see the odd classmate now and then from bewsey school, Some of the best teachers I have ever come across despite the number of kids in the classes never any real trouble as the threat of going to see the headmaster was often enough to stop any unruly child dead in their tracks.

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