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Firework and Bonfire - whos responsible.


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If your thinking of organizing/holding a bonfire and or firework display this November, make sure you are aware of your areas of responsibility!.


Published: 9:48pm, 19th October 2012

Updated: 12:39pm, 20th October 2012


A man has been charged with manslaughter following a road accident on the M5 last year in which seven people were killed, police said.


Geoffrey Counsell, 50, from Somerset, will face magistrates in Bristol next month accused of seven counts of manslaughter.


Anthony and Pamela Adams, Maggie and Michael Barton, Malcolm Beacham, Terry Brice and Kye Thomas died in the pile-up on the M5, near Taunton, on the night of November 4, 2011. Some 51 people were also injured.


Counsell was operating the firework display at Taunton Rugby Club at the time of the crash.

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Wonder if anyone remembers the time here in Warrington when someone attempted to get into the Guinness record book for the maximum amounts of fireworks let off in a given space of time. Nearly wiped out half the town’s population in a matter of seconds (me included!)


Bill :)

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This was quite a few years back now and because the record attempt had been mentioned on TV, everyone and their granny turned up to watch. The result was the town was packed like a football crowd with everyone pushing to get a view towards golden square.


We were near the council building at the end of Scotland road and only saw about ten seconds of fireworks before being totally enveloped in smoke. People started to cough and panic, kids were screaming and bits of burning debris were falling all over the place.


As cockups go this was a good one. :lol:


Bill :)

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