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Cullen on three defeats and cup preview


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Homesickness is part of the human condition..there are only different degrees of it. To deny anybody isn't feeling it indicates that no questions are being asked. I've not heard about contracts being bought out but it wouldn't suprise me in the least. Matt King has never looked happy.

BTW..Please tell Mr Cullen to desist from using the term OFFENSE. We aren't the Denver Broncos.

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One question I would like to put to Mr Cullen.


*Mr Cullen one of your gems I have collected over the years goes something like this:*If you keep on doing what you're doing you're going to keep on getting what you keep getting*


If this is your philosophy why are we still keeping on doing what we have been doing ?


[ 16.04.2008, 12:45: Message edited by: safeway56 ]

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