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Ilegal parking.

Peter T

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At the junction of Lumb brook Rd and Witherwin Av.(on the way to the Thorn)the old road that cuts the corner off this junction is full of Gypsies/travellers.

This is a cycle/pedestrian way. No idea how people are supposed to get through. Even more surprising is how they got their vehicles in there as I thought that vehicles couldn't access it.

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Where there's a will there's always a way Peter.


Not sure exactly where you mean though.


Do you mean (1) as you go up Lumb Brook and turn left into Witherin towards the island


or (2) after the island where Witherwin continues at the 2nd Junction and Lumb Brook continues at the 3rd ?


Only reason for asking is that the field near where you turn left off (1) LB to W

was home to a couple of rather lovely travellers horses last time we went up there as a lady was feeding them carrots and said she always did and told us they had been there for a while. I'm not sure if the travellers owned the field or just rented it of someone else for their couple of horses though.

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Yes it seems so. In one way that's sort of good though as it means they will keep it tidy and wont leave leave loads of rubish lying around when they go.


Unless they empty the contents out and take the bins with them when they go of course :unsure:

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