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Mobiles and the braiin.


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Though it would be fun these videos are fake...... The videos are part of an advertising campaign for Cardo Bluetooth headsets a few years ago in the USA (I was living there at the time they were on TV), the full video has a disclaimer that states the content of the initial video is merely a fictitious and humorous optical illusion designed for entertainment. Nothing in the video implies that mobile phones can make popcorn.

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Do you think I can get a refund on the popcorn kernels I bought today.


Only kidding but I was actually going to buy some and try it before I saw the little link Fugs posted early this morning.


Sort of spoilt my fun though there Fugs so maybe leave it a few hours next time before spilling the popcorn beans as I'd have definately tried it before Apple J and Sadako posted :lol::oops:

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