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White Working Class Unrepresented?


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Originally posted by Semi-retired Geoff:

Well lets face it Paul they're not going to come from the Conservatives are they. I don't suppose they even dare field a candidate. :D

All being well our candidate will be an Orford born young mother...there are no no-go areas in WS for Conservatives and we will, all being well, field a candidate in all WS Wards so those voters who would like to vote Conservative will have the choice to do so.
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Fielding more BNP candidates will have one of two effects. Either it will give the people the chance to vote for the BNP to express how fed up they are with the seemingly endless influx of foreigners into the country or it will make people think about the consequences for voting for the BNP and actually get off their arses and go and vote Tory, Labour or that other crowd who used to be popular!


Either way, it can't be a bad thing can it?

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The consequence would be (IF they began to prosper at the polls): aside from howls of feigned indignation; a radical re-examination of policy by all the main parties, in order to re-connect with real folk, rather than the plastic middle-class types that currently form most of the political class. :wink:

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This is why democracy (for want of a better word since we dont actualy have democracy) doesnt work


The populous disenchanted with the voting system do not vote as they do not see the system working on their behalf, only those that are represented by the government vote as they see the system working.


The parties seemingly merge into one set of ethics and policies to gain the vote of those that bother to vote.


those with groundbreaking policies that the majority of none voters...and proably the majority of the populous support never get in because they have the full support of none voters.

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