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Creating Smooth Flash type Animations ?


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Do any of you PC wizards on here use (or know of) any good software that allows the creation of smooth flowing Flash/Gif type animations ?


I can create basic animations with the web software I have but these just move from frame to frame and I want to create ones where frame pictures roll up and interchange smoothly and also add text frames that zoom/fly in and out etc as the images change.


Please don't just google as I've done that myself and there are loads of software packages that 'say' they are the best but I only ever buy on recomendation from someone who has used somthing themselves.

(I call it letting someone else waste their money and learn that sales pitches aren't always what they seem :lol:)


Thanks :D

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So very helpful Lt and thanks for that :P(although slightly more informative than Cleos' ',')


LT.... any change that you can show me just how clever you mac is (without the need for any extra software) and upload one of your own flash type animation creations that you can do on it.... not only amaze me but also to convince my other half that I need to go out and buy a mac tomorrow :wink:

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