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2.Penketh,Sankey, Fiddlers Ferry, Bewsey & Orford.


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Many of these photograph’s may be available

from the Warrington Museum/Library and will

be of far superior quality to those viewed here.

Anyone having any issue with the displaying

of these photographs due to copyright or

ownership infringement please contact me either by PM.

or through the Moderators and I shall

remove them immediately.



Barrow Hall, Great Sankey.



Bewsey Old Hall.



Bold Windmill, Mill Lane. (strictly speaking not in the Warrington area, included as there are not many photos of windmills in the area).



Brook Farm, Penketh.



Penketh, Chapel Road and Station Road.



1925. The Ferry Inn, Fiddlers Ferry.



Fiddlers Ferry Station.



A Mersey Flat discharging her cargo at Fiddlers ferry.



The 'old' shipyard at Fiddlers Ferry.



1923. Penketh Tannery on fire.


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Not much stuff from Orford Algy?


Bill :)

Sorry Bill I only have four of Orford and they will show as I work down the list, they are Orford 'Mount'(house), Orford Hall(2), and the old Orford school.

It mustn't have been a very photogenic area or maybe they were frightened of getting there cameras pinched. :oops: shouldn't have said that, now I'm going to get Harry knocking on my door!. :wink::D :grin:

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Wouldn't Orford have been all farmland in those days? :huh:

Your absolutely correct in 1910 it was mostly agriculture and as late as 1928 there wasn't much there, mostly farm land and a tannery that had been there since before 1849.

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