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I wanna tell you a story


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Once upon a time there were three bears, daddy bear, momma bear and baby bear.

Every morning daddy bear and baby bear would come downstairs and momma bear would have breakfast ready on the table.

One morning daddy bear and baby bear came downstairs and, as usual, breakfast was ready on the table. They sat down at the table and daddy bear tasted his porridge then growled, "This porridge is too hot for me!"

Then baby bear tasted his porridge and complained, "And this porridge is too hot for me!"

"Listen here you two!" momma bear snapped back, "every morning, while you two are still sleeping, I get up, light the fire, let the cat out, put the empty milk bottles out for the milkman,take the dog for a walk to the newsagent's shop to buy the newspapers. Then I come back and make breakfast and put it on the table ready for you. Every morning you both come downstairs and it's the same old thing, 'this porridge is too hot for me'. Well I've had enough of it! In future you can make your own soddin porridge!"

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Ahhh I think I get it now (thanks to Wolfie)...


.... bears don't have pets or milkmen and they don't like fires (which is why campers light fires at night to keep them away) and they can't read either so mummy bear was just lying through her big teeth and she had either only just got up herself or had been lazing about wathing TV :D

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