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Dismal currency

harry hayes

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Everyone knows that money talks,

So hear of the poor 1p;

Golden dreams and aspirations,

To "no second chance for me".


Forlorn and in a puddle,

I think back forty years;

That shining decimal penny,

Now lies in angel's tears.


In contrast, my old counterpart,

Fond memories, though long gone;

Songs; poems; English phrases,

So loved by every one.


Worth twice of him when minted,

Almost nothing down the line;

It seems my only purpose,

Is the change from £4.99.


Passers-by look down and ponder,

Slight pause, then walk on by;

Their pride; my little value,

Tells why I'm left to lie.


A weighing machine needs a richer coin,

No penny kept 'just in case';

Then, the unkindest cut of all,

Ne'er joy on a kiddies face.


My life is a downward spiral,

That's why I'm out of sorts;

Is now the time to be rid of me?

A penny for your thoughts.




HH 8/2011

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Aww that's really sad Harry. The poor little unwanted pennies :(


I always pick pennies up though if I see them in the street but that because of the saying 'find a penny, pick it up and all day long you'll have good luck'.


However.... I've just been told that it's 'find a PIN' not 'find a PENNY'. I guess that could explain my lack of luck all these years then :oops::lol:


Anyone know which one is right ?

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