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Kenneth Clarke


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:blink: Is it time the buffoon Kenneth Clarke retired? Yet another of his inane proposals is causing a stir in parliament. His proposal for court cases behind closed doors has caused a cross party revolt.

Seems to me that this man is innefective in his role as Justice Secretary. :unsure:

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It is certainly outrageous if he is advocating courts behind closed doors. Not heard about it myself, but I assume you know what you are talking about.


Trouble is, most courts are effectively already held behind closed doors because the media can no longer afford to keep reporters sitting in court. Thousands of courts, which were once given almost 100 per cent coverage by the press, now carry on in splendid isolation.


I know the public can wander in if they want, but the only ones that do are relatives and friends of either defendants or victims, and neither can be said to be impartial witnesses. Justice MIGHT still be done, but it is not being SEEN to be done most of the time!

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