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Storm in a wine glass!


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Notice that MP's lad is trying to grab the headlines again, with some rant about the cost of the last Mayoral binge - are we to assume no "Labour" Councillors were at the trough too?! :unsure:



He does have a point though, given the redundancies/pensions malarkey.


Surprised that we didn't all get an invite whilst we are paying for it. Maybe not. I recall attending one of your xmas bashes at Walton hall some years ago obs. That must have cost a bob or two. Some things never change. And people call bankers. :roll:

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£173,199....... and there are another 600 and odd of the thieving buggers to count as well!!


The Daily Mail reckoned that she would (in 2009) have been paid the equivilant of £371,000





and she voted "moderately against a transparent Parliament"


I wonder why!!

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