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saxophone lessons

Evil Sid

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Sister called round on Saturday for her usualk visit and I asked her how she was getting on with her Christmas present. Her husband has bought her an alto saxophone (do not know if he was trying to tell her something but I can just imagine her busking outside the train station). Anyway so far she has managed to get some sort off noise out of it, which was more than her husband could, and she then asked me if I knew of anywhere that she could go to take lessons.


So posters, Is there anywhere in the Warrington area that she could try?

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Dawsons do them too (or used to anyway) worth giving them a ring or Presto (they are near Aldi/iceland near the Town Hall crossroads). If they don't do them they will point you in the direction of someone who does.


Personal experience is to go for a one 2 one independant tutor though as you learn more than being in a group and they are keener to teach and keep you and will tailor the lessons to what you like therefore keeping your interest :wink:

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