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Magic Weekend


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The so called *Magic Weekend* is being held next season in rainy old Manchester. I could be wrong but wasn't the weekend meant to satiate the dreams of the expansionists? Holding the weekend in east Manchester couldn't in any way be called spreading the gospel in unkown lands unless of course the area has turned jungle and gone cannibalistic. Due to other commitments my spare time is an extended weekend and usually at that time of the year we go camping(please,no limp wrist jokes)May would be an ideal weekend for us to combine our interest in RL and sleeping beneath the stars but in east Manchester ? No way. They play tick with hatchets round there. I'm starting to think the hierarchy of the game has gone crackers.

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I think(hope)that after the Wesh debacle, expansion is definitely on the backburner for a good long time.

Guess the concept now is aimed at giving fans of all clubs a good day out in a great stadium especially those fans who follow sides that otherwise would never get the chance to play in a totally different "big occasion" setting with a decent crowd and atmosphere.

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I have only ever been to one of these and that was the first one in 2007 at Cardiff.


It was a good weekend but I did think it was missing something. 12 teams (as it was at the time) couldn't fill a 75,000 stadium. I thought it made us look a little bit of a laughing stock.


Maybe Manchester would be better. We wait and see.

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