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Archbishop of Canterbury


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In parts of Northern Ireland, I thought there was Paramilitary Law.....balaclavas instead of beards....the Islamic type not the Dr Williams type. :wink:


PS Funnily enough people often use the phrase, they need their hands chopping off after there has been some thieving, seems they might be advocates of Sharia Law without knowing it. :wink:


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I think that he does it just to keep himself in the headlines. Apparently he is quite knowledgeable. But he cannot keep his daft thoughts to himself.

There are allsorts of mediators to domestic situations and finance. If they can be settled without the law being involved that is all well and good. And it does not need bringing into the legal system, to do so is the thin end of a wedge. We know how cruel that legal system can be from our own troubles here in Warrington. This is what happened in many Africa states and now they only have one law ?Islamic Law? which is in itself ok until these radical fundamentalist get a hold of it and it all goes completely wrong.


What is wrong with how it is working at the moment? The Sharia Law advocates are providing a service to the Muslim people who want it. As long as it stays like that and the laws of this country are not transgressed what is the problem? He should keep out of affairs that do not concern him.


If a Muslim was complaining about the Sharia Law being enforced against their will surely we want the British legal system to protect them?

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Could it be Goonerman?


Naaaa. No chance!


But this is bizarre coming from such a woolly liberal as the Archbishop! Surely he would have been against Sharia Law period. I don't think Obbs it has anything to do with making religion relevant, you only say that as you lump us all in one group, rather, his liberalism has finally made his brain fall out, and also, like many people in the UK, he is a wuss and is scared of the Muslims. Sadly, Sharia Law is alreadya reality in England. And Sweden and even parts of the US, oh yes, are already officially letting Sharia Law take hold.


These people need to learn from the History books how the great Islamic Empires got their way.


The pendulum is beginning to swing away from the West.


PK, on Northern Ireland, the No Go Areas run by the terrorists were brought to an end in 1972 by Operation Motorman. True, there have been kneecappings and beatings and expulsions, but this in no way can be compared with Sharia Law, however savage, as the terrorists over here are thoroughly secular and are more in line with English gangsterism in their behaviour, or the Mafia, whereas Sharia Law is a proper legal/ecclesiastical law system needing many years of proper university standard study, requiring highly qualified ulama to interpret aspects of Islamic law and jurisprudence, and just like with British Law, Sharia Law stretches back over a thousand years with a long history of development and precedents. Even their more savage acts are done according to proper procedures. Take cutting off people's hands. This is done with the proper bureaucratic procedure, and done in public- in a sports stadium with a doctor on hand to perform the action as a surgical operation, with the use of local anaesthetic.


The very fact that Sharia Law affects all aspects of life, makes it a formidable and direct and incompatible rival to British Law, and as such Sharia Law should never be allowed to have any presence in this country in any shape or form whatsoever.

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