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I'd rather believe my own eyes than these statistics...You read some of them and they make players which you can see are total duds seem like world-beaters. Busts,hit-ups. What the heck are they supposed ot be ? The ancient prop Peacock has decent statistics but the evidence of your own eyes tell you he's well past his sell buy date.

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When it comes to statistics like these the only ones I pay attention to are number of tries scored, try assits and tackles made. That will let you know the quality of a player.


I also find the negative statistics interesting. Especially the missed tackle statistic. If coaches pay any attention to these you wouldn't be happy if you were Elliot Whitehead. :|

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I was looking at Benny Westwood and Adrian Morleys stat's and despite both having lengthy lay off's the numbers were still superior to the vast majority of SL forwards who got in a full season with over 1,000 tackles between them so much hard graft in the thick of battle and not one red or yellow card in sight.

Plus I wish they had done some stats on the number of time James Graham spat his dummy :D

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