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Where is this bridge being built.


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Holy cow !! I finally got one right. I guess I should after crossing under it every day for beacoup years. Plus my buddy took a job as bridge operator when he came out of the RAF and I spent many hours in that little house drinking tea with him.

Well done Stal, don't worry about getting things wrong have a go anyway, thanks for the email you've

certainly got a lot going for you in that state. :wink:

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Aye I have.... I've been sat here all day but not on 'here'. My eyes are watering now and I've missed the fun again but hey at least something can keep me focussed enough to distract me at times eh :lol:


PS Stallard... you can only say you got one right if you actually guess in public :P(only kidding.. and well done :D )


PPS have you had any rain yet ?

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Honest I did, by the time I signed in arty had already posted. Very serious Dizzy, only rained on about four days (for an hour tops each) since last Christmas. We have a lake about the size of Pickmere and the waters edge is now about fifty feet away from the normal bank and grass is growing on it. Some of the houses on the lake will not be able to float boats for another year year. More serious though is that ranchers have no winter hay for the herds and thousands of head of cattle have already died due to lack of water. Other States are now starting to ship in hay at cost price. It's happened many times befoe, so it'll all work out.

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