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Two deprived areas of warrington


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To me picture 3 looks definately like the side of picture 2 (if you look at the window, canopy, brickwork and roof line (ie there is no roof).


So I recon the photo's were taken on the same day and if I am right with the above then number 3 could possibly be Union Street or there abouts.

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Oh! my god, I've just come in from shopping with the missus and it's all hell let loose on here :blink:.


No 1 &2 are Dolmans Lane.

No 3 is as you suggested Dizz, Union Street that Dolmans Lane ran into, there was a pub on the corner of the two streets called the Shakespeare - Landlord in 1871 was a James Owen. And there are common identifying features linking all three photos. :wink:

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Algy... any idea of the date of your photos ?

No1 1904 No's 2 & 3 were dated 1900's but at a guess I would say 1907 - 10.

Interesting that in 1881 the Shakespere Inn, Dolmans Lane/Union Street, the landlord's name was MACBETH, how weired is that.



Leighton Spencer MACBETH

Head M Male 39 Preston, Lancashire, England Inn Keeper

Mary Bower MACBETH

Wife M Female 29 Burton On Trent, Stafford, England

Leighton Thomas MACBETH

Son U Male 7 Manchester, Lancashire, England Scholar

Joseph Maxfield MACBETH

Son U Male 3 Walton, Cheshire, England Scholar

Sarah Eliza KNIGHT

Serv U Female 20 Tipton, Stafford, England General Servant

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No1 1904 No's 2 & 3 were dated 1900's but at a guess I would say 1907 - 10.

Interesting that in 1881 the Shakespere Inn, Dolmans Lane/Union Street, the landlord's name was MACBETH, how weired is that.........


Very weird.. but then again is it?


Rather intrigued by your findings and being like I am I just had to have a little look.


I can't seem to find the 'Shakespere Inn' on any of the earlier census records so maybe he turned the building into a inn/pub and gave it it's name based on his own surname.


Another interesting thing I noticed was that in the 1860/70’s etc the vast majority of people living on Dolmans Lane both husbands and wives were born in Ireland. I guess they all moved over here looking for work and as all were working and went on to have families here they must have made a good move. There were a couple of Germans too but not many of them. I guess the same could be said for a lot of the small areas in Warrington but I was only looking at the Dolmans area. No taking over Greenfield sites in those days then and every single one of them was working as to be honest are most people of that era on the census returns.


Anyway….only Algy might find the rest of interest so apologies to everyone else if I now bore you to death


Algy, like you say on 1881 you Mr Leighton S Macbeth is shown being there as is his Pub/Inn ht ‘Shakespere’.


On the 1891 census it is still there but shows the address as also 14 Dolmans Lane (Shakespere) although the landlord at that time was a Mr Elizah Young aged 26 living with his wife Eliza aged 45 etc. Bit of an age difference there eh and odd that they had such similar fornames. Your Mr Leighton Spencer Macbeth was now the keeper of the Bulls Head at 1 Rylands Street so he had moved on.


Anyway based with the 'number 14' I looked at the 1871 census and found the same address which is shown to have a Mr Michael Carrigan ( a chair mender from Ireland) and his wife and family.


The 1871 census is interesting although a bit hard as you have to view each page in order as the census collector seemed to flit back and forth as Dolmans Lane records are be split occasionally by homes on Union Street but also by homes on 'Eblow Street'. Where on earth was Elbow Street as that seems to have vanished by 1881.


Anyone know where I am upto now and why I am telling you all this as I'm not sure I do .....




Your Mr Leighton Macbeth started out as a Tailor’s Assistant when he was 19 (1861), but he sort of disappeared in 1871. Wonder where he went?


In 1901 he is shown to be a Widower and an inmate (for want of a better word) in the Mauldeth Hospital, Stockport (Northern Counties Hospital for Incurables) and is ‘confirmed as being an invalid’ aged 59.


He died in 1909 aged 67 on Stockport although there is no burial record for him… only for his son Leighton Thomas who died when he was 20. He was a Tailor so maybe his father talked him out of following in his second trade and he followed his fathers first trade of tailoring. Who knows?


I feel like I know them now and thanks Algy as that kept me quiet and occupied for an hour or so and I do have a bit of an 'interest' in Dolmans Lane.

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Dizz, Great information and very interesting to me (and others hopefully), having looked at the town plan for 1890, next to the Shakespere Inn in Union Street there is the Borough Brewery perhaps the pub was part of that set up, maybe to provide ale specifically for that poor quarter of town?.



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