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Easy one.


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Rex if your out there, you'd better get cracking cos' this one will go faster than the "proverbial off a fireman's shovel".


Who owns the factory and what did they produce.

What is the area (precise please).

The barge is one of two that this company owned either name will do.



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either Mersey Mill or Littons Mill

Both owned by James Fairclough

Produced Flour from corn


Littons was on the bank of the bend of the Mersey on the side of Old Liverpool Road. Liverpool Road, Athertons Quay I think.


The other mill was somewhere else but very close by.. I cant remember :lol:


Boat... err Flowery Patterns or somthing like that.

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Thanks Algy, I logged in too late to have a go at the main topic. Never mind maybe I'll do a little better next time.


By the way, did Rock Oil use the same building for a while back in the early '70s? If it is then I remember going past on the bus to work one morning and there was a rare old fire blazing away. You could even feel the heat from the fire through the bus window on Knutsford Road.


As for the names of the barges - Mmmmm, any chance of a close up so I can cheat:)

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That wipes that one out of the way, Dizz, Cleo's on the ball today, Rex, sorry can't tell you much about the 70's afraid I'm stuck in a 'time warp' around a Century or so ago, and your going to have to get up early to beat these two girls. Barges, yes Pater and the other Panery.

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I still said Athertons Quay first though Cleo so I'm giving myself .01 of a point for that and I wasn't that far out with the barge name when I said Flowery Patterns if indeed one was 'Patern'.


Maybe some of the letters had worn off so it became known as 'Patern' and you are both wrong again :lol::P


So was it Littons (Faircloughs) Mill or the other Mersey (Faircloughs) Mill then Algy ?? :wink:

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