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I would class this as difficult.


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Where was this group of buildings/businesses and what were they eventually replaced by.

What was the name of the street, although an important thoroughfare the road still exists however the name has been changed from what it was at that time.

Bonus point for naming the side street to the right!.



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Well am I right or am I right? :blink:

Corrrect!!! Cleo, St James's street later to be known as Knutsford road, Chester road does not enter the equation however, the shops left to right are:-



Left-hand Side (away from the bridge)

1 J Fairclough & Sons, corn merchants

3 Isaac Wilkinson, saddler

.........Here is Faircloughs Yard - small opening on the corner.

5 & 7 Edgar V.Morton. pawnbroker

9 James Hughes, ostler

11 William L.Walker, Clerk

......... Here.is Water street - (to the right of photo).

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Ooops not Winwick Street then and I was just about to guess that they had been replaced by the new Bus Station.


Your reply wasn't there Algy as it took me a while to press submit :oops:


Dizz, Winwick Street - where did that come from :?:


There was a pawn brokers with the same name on the corner of Winwick Street at the junction of Foundry street so maybe you and Cleo are wrong :lol::P

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There definately was one there although maybe not in the same year as Algys photo of a business with the same name. :unsure:




WINWICK STREET (Continuation of Horsemarket street)


"Numbers 62 & 64 Morton E. V. pawnbroker &co"

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Dizz, you take some convincing!!!.

The photo was taken around 1900 and if you compare it with the one below taken in 1901 it clearly shows Faircloughs mill before they expanded the business and moved down river to Bank Quay, you can also see the advertising hording ( looks like they're still advertising "OXO" ) to the left of the mill. Part of the question was what replaced these buildings later, Answer - in 1920 they built the Cenotaph on the site.



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