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27 mile police chase


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Good grief.. this woman led the police on a 27 mile chase through Essex. She was finally stopped, banned for 12 months and given a £100 fine. Scarey !




What do you think about it ?


Bet it livened up people's day. As long as she wasn't exceeding the limit. Ooops, she already had , too much alcohol in her blood.


Easy to criticise without walking in her shoes. She obviously had problems that the majority of us don't understand.


Dizzy, you are doing an obs. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

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I don't know Peter ask Obs :unsure:


I read it and she clearly did not know what she was doing and yet they let her carry on FOR 27 MILES from initially spoting her and then knowing that she had gone on the wrong side of the road towards oncoming traffic amongst everything else and she seemed completely unaware. She could have hurt herself or someone else.


My actual point was that I couldn't understand how or why the poice had tailed the elderly woman (who was only doing between 10 and 20 mph) for a whopping 27 miles, set up a rolling road block and everything else before finally managing to pull her over.


For goodness sake I don't know why I bother sometimes. In fact forget it, I wont. There you go ... sorted. Happy posting Peter :roll::lol::P

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A trucker driving down the motorway watching a DVD or blimping drivers in mini skirts etc, suddenly sees this dizzy bird driving towards him.


He can either, ignore it and think to himself what a funny old world and I shouldn't have had that curry, OR, he can get on the old CB, and tell his mates, "You'll NEVER believe what I have just seen"!!!!


Comprendez??? and if you do, see if you can find any of obs' peons.

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