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Can anyone help?

Rex Mac

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Tutorial.. now there's a good question :lol:


How were you trying to do it Rex Max?


If it was a photo you found on the web and you simply pasted the direct link to that onto the forum then it will only show the original website hyerplink which people then have to click on rather than the actual photo?


If it was a picture that you have saved to your pc then you could use the 'attach' option seen via the the 'full editor' option when posting on here. That will give others a thumbnail to click on.


You are limited to the amount of forum space you can use that way though and you may have to reduce the photo file size doing it that way too due to limitations. Clearly you did not do it that way as you mention a hyperlink but I thought I would mention that you 'can' do it that way.


Or if it was a photo saved on your pc which you then uploaded to something like 'photobucket' (or similar) you may have simply posted the wrong 'code' so it it is showing the hyperlink rather than actual image code.


Using something like 'photobucket' is the best way to do it really as you have no limitations as to how many you can upload and after a few goes it's reaaly easy to do and you can create a photobucket account for free.


Let me know 'which way' you were trying to do it and whether the pic is actually on your pc etc and I will give you some better instructions... although it may be tomorrow now as I am soooo sleepy, sorry :oops:


PS sorry for any typos :oops:

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Oooh flippin' heck... my son took over my computer for a very short while... I didn't see your posts Cleo and Asp after reading Rex's and to make matters worse Algy already appears to have advised Rex Mac under the other topic.


I really should try and keep up with things before I go rambling.


Sorry :oops:


PS sorry Cleo the lad's had all my real cash as usual.. will a selection of buttons or the loose change in my jam jar do ? :blink:

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Dizz, Pleased don't think I'm being a 'smart bottom' as this is not intended, do you not use 'spell check' on your posts or replies as using your own words you seem to have a large number of typo's in them, just wondering if the 'spell check' facility is an automatic feature on the forum or whether there is an option to switch on or off. :?::blink:

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