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This is not meant to be a 'political' discussion thread, just updated information for Obs original post. Amazingly, the mainstream media in the US, that has been attack crazy about Sara Palin for the last four years, has now done a 180. To a man they are dimissing the new book about her as 'utter rubbish'. The New York Times, which is about as far left and liberal as you can get - like the Guardian or maybe worse, said "it's a work of caustic, unsubstantiated gossip with absolutely no credibility". The Chicago Tribune refused to run cartoons that fed off the book. So there you go. Unfortunately, the guy will probably make a fortune out of the morbid curiosity.

I was caught off guard when Obs first introduced this - didn't know that the book had finally made it to print. It was written by a guy who actually bought the house next to Palin in Alaska, just to spy on her with field glasses, all day and all night for a couple of years - creepy.

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