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Clicking on a link....


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Why, when I click on a link that someone has posted, doe the link not only open in a new window, but the page I clicked also has the link opening too..... so I get the link opened twice???


Is there a setting somewhere that says "open link on same page" and "open link in new window" and they have both been ticked???

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I've just tried a few and they all work as they normally do for me (ie they open once in a new window)


Has it always been like that for you Baz or only recently ? Are you using IE, firefox or another ? Mobile or pc ? Red or Black ?


...but I recon WireWarrior is probably right and you are probably twitching a bit in your old age or clicking frantically :lol:

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If your browser uses tabs/new windows. Check that it is set to open new links in a new tab. this can be found under tools,options,tabs. The option for opening a link in a new window/tab should be ticked.


If this does not cure it try right clicking on the link and selecting open in a new window or tab.


You could also check the double click speed of the mouse as it may be set too sensitive.


hope this helps.

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